Night Sweats

If you haven’t heard Night Sweats, the new song from Findlay which has been getting airtime on Radio 6 amongst […]

Posted on 19th April 2022 by FilmFixer

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Trigger Point around the capital

Trigger Point is a new six-part thriller from Jed Mercurio (Executive Producer of Line of Duty and Bodyguard) focusing on […]

Posted on 17th January 2022 by FilmFixer

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Landscapers Across London

“You do want us to know the truth, don’t you?” From the makers of ‘Chernobyl’, Landscapers is based on a […]

Posted on 21st December 2021 by FilmFixer

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Boxing Day

Aml Ameen’s new festive meet-the-family feature ‘Boxing Day’ takes a leaf out of the Richard Curtis feelgood RomCom playbook, with […]

Posted on 10th December 2021 by FilmFixer

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Angela Black

Look out for some FilmFixer locations in the latest gripping psychological thriller ‘Angela Black’. ​ ​Joanne Froggatt stars as Angela […]

Posted on 22nd November 2021 by FilmFixer

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Pirates – Reggie Yates Debut Film Uses FilmFixer North and South of the River

As well as celebrating the 90’s styling of the era, the film features music from garage legends So Solid Crew, […]

Posted on 15th November 2021 by FilmFixer

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Makers and Shakers Sustainability Award

We are pleased to announce The Generator Project have been shortlisted for the Sustainability Award at the ‘makers & shakers’ […]

Posted on 4th November 2021 by FilmFixer

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FilmFixer is Chosen as a Net Zero Hero

As an expansion of the Better Futures programme, the Mayor of London’s Green New Deal supported a pilot project to […]

Posted on 15th September 2021 by FilmFixer

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The Generator Project – Launch Invitation

We are delighted to announce that our new industry sustainability initiative – The Generator Project – is scheduled to launch […]

Posted on 6th August 2021 by FilmFixer

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