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Starring… Haringey

There have been loads of great TV shows and films shot in Haringey, since FilmFixer began managing the Haringey Film Office. Here are some of the highlights.
The split
BBC One’s new drama The Split features a female-led cast playing a family of divorce lawyers.  They are forced to face their past due to their father returns to them after 30 years.
Another look at the 1970s kidnapping of John Paul Getty III, grandson of John Paul I. It comes just a few months after Ridley Scott’s movie All the Money in the World did pretty much the same thing, with a different spin.  While the Ridley Scott film sticks closely to John Paul Getty III’s own version of events, the TV drama explores the rumours, never proven, that the teenager was involved in his own kidnapping to get at some of his grandfather’s money.
Ready Player One
As the UK buckles up for Steven Spielberg’s new blockbuster Ready Player One. The film is about a creator of a virtual reality world, Oasis, dies. You get an idea of the size of the shoot from this publicity shot, of Olivia Cooke and extras, taken in Haringey, which was a huge overnight shoot.
Hard sun
London provides the tense backdrop to BBC One’s new pre-apocalyptic crime series Hard Sun. Jim Sturgess and Agyness Deyn star as police officers working on the routine death of a hacker in London. But they come across proof the world is facing certain destruction in five years because of a mysterious cosmic event. In the show, the British government is trying to suppress the truth about the upcoming apocalypse, meaning our lead characters are chased by Security Service killers, who want them dead. The classified dossier is made public eventually, and though it’s discredited by the government, it is never fully suppressed.
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